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Airinmar is the leading independent global provider of component repair management support services and systems. For over 30 years Airinmar has been providing its cost reduction services to the world’s largest airlines, airframe manufacturers and MROs.

Airinmar offers a range of flexible support services and systems designed to optimise the customer’s existing repair management infrastructure. Airinmar reduces its customer’s operating cost through the utilisation of its innovative online management systems and back office cost control services.

Customers can expect to see the following results:

  • Reduced repair expenditure between 8%-20%;
  • Maximisation of customer contract entitlements;
  • Reductions in turnaround times by 20%-40%;
  • Real time visibility and status of assets in the repair cycle; and
  • Improvements in operational efficiency and productivity by 2x-4x.

Airinmar currently manages over 180,000 repair transactions per year with a value in excess of $700m. Recognising the unique and innovative service and product offering developed by Airinmar, in 2011 AAR Corp acquired the company fulfilling its own requirement for improved repair management. Today, Airinmar operates as an independent company within AAR’s Aviation Supply Chain Group.

AAR CORP. (AAR) is a US multi-national, with approximately US$2 Billion in annual turnover, of which Airinmar businesses comprise less than 1%.  AAR is subject to US Federal tax at 35% on worldwide income, and has been allowed credits against US Federal tax for all UK income taxes paid/accrued by Airinmar, resulting in no net cost for UK taxes paid/accrued by Airinmar.  Accordingly, AAR’s tax strategy for UK taxation of Airinmar is to minimize administrative tax risk for Airinmar by timely and fully paying UK tax on its UK taxable income, without use of transfer-pricing schemes,  tax sheltering structures or other tax driven plans.  AAR does not have, nor has it needed,  an established approach for dealings with HMRC.

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