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£3,100 raised for local Trussell Trust Food Bank

by Jon Last | Jan 28, 2019
Local Trussell Trust Food Bank, based in Bracknell, benefits from £3,100 raised in donations and a food drive by the team in Finchampstead.

AAR Finchampstead/Airinmar has for many years raised money for local charities and this year was no exception. Having won an employee vote between five local causes in summer 2018, the charity to benefit was our local Trussell Trust Food Bank based in Bracknell. The total amount we donated was £3,100 as well as running a food drive that collected several car loads full of goods.

The money was raised through in-house competitions based on the Football World Cup, lots of dress down donations and plenty of excitement around our Christmas festivities, including our annual prize raffle. The raffle in particular was a great success thanks to the generosity of our suppliers and our employees buying lots of tickets.

Following this fundraising, the Goodwill Committee went to visit the Food bank at the Kerith Church in Bracknell town centre. In addition to seeing their facilities, we learned a lot about the people and organisation behind the very impressive Food Bank. The time and dedication of the volunteers there, in particular, was inspiring as they serve people of all ages and backgrounds who have fallen on hard times.

The money and food provided was very gratefully received. They are offered in donations and give away so much food that they need to hire storage to keep it all, our contributions will go a long way towards paying for that storage that is so vital for their operations.