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Airinmar Signs Service Agreement with Major International Cargo Airline

by Dan AIrey | Aug 13, 2018
July 18: Airinmar sign a 12-month extension to their support agreement with a major international cargo airline, where they provide a selection of services to meet the customer's specific requirements: management of turnaround time guarantees; spare parts delivery guarantees; and Value Engineering policing of high cost structural components

July 2018: Airinmar has signed a 12-month renewal agreement with a major international cargo airline.  This service agreement sees Airinmar providing specific value streams from its portfolio of Repair Cycle Management support services.  Namely, Airinmar will provide support to the airline with the management of repair turnaround time guarantees, spare part delivery guarantees and the Value Engineering of high cost structural equipment.

Management of repair and spare part TAT guarantees allow airlines to optimise their inventory and, for instances where suppliers do not deliver on their guarantees, obtain free of charge loans, exchanges and credit penalties for delinquency.  Airinmar offers solutions to the challenges associated with managing these guarantees using in-house developed IT systems, extensive knowledge of TAT agreements and drawing upon their successful collaborations with numerous airlines. 

About Airinmar

Airinmar offers a wide range of repair management support services that reduce component repair expenditure and enhance component availability. The leading dedicated repair management solutions provider in the world, Airinmar has supported airlines, MROs, OEMs and military operations for more than 30 years through the integration of its proprietary systems, engineering expertise and supply management solutions. Airinmar is a subsidiary of global aviation aftermarket leader AAR (NYSE: AIR).

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