Airinmar Services- Airbus and Boeing

Airbus & Boeing TAT Guarantees

Airbus & Boeing TAT Guarantees

With the purchase of an aircraft from either of the two leading commercial jet manufacturers, the customer is entitled to strict component repair turnaround-time (TAT) performance from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

These guarantees include the provision of free of charge loans or exchanges, or credit penalties for each day in excess of the guaranteed TAT.

Airbus GCP2000/SSC:
15 Days Non Avionics / 10 Days Avionics
Boeing PSAA:
28 days Non Electronics / 14 Days Electronics

There are over 26,000 applicable part numbers that are covered by product support agreements, covering over 100 OEMs across over 250 repair facilities. Airinmar’s database contains applicable part numbers and specific terms associated with Airbus and Boeing TAT Guarantees. Airinmar’s repair management and tracking systems allow its customers to identify and enforce the terms of Airbus and Boeing turnaround-time agreements.

The significant complexities that exist for airlines and MROs when management Airbus and Boeing TAT Guarantees include:

  • The detection of the entitlement;
  • Managing such a large volume of applicable OEM repair sites;
  • Maintaining key tracking and milestone clocks; and
  • Understanding the GSPT remedy claim variances between OEMs.

To help address these complexities Airinmar has developed AirClaim, an online customer system dedicated to assisting with the management of loans, exchanges and customer penalties.

Retro Claims

In many instances Airinmar is able to support customers in make retrospective claims in relation to their respective Airbus and Boeing TAT Guarantee entitlements.