Airinamr Services - Contract enforcement

Contract Enforcement

Contract Enforcement

Airinmar utilises its innovative and proprietary systems to monitor supplier performance, ensuring contractual terms are adhered to, including but not limited to cost, TAT or warranty. By continuously monitoring supplier performance against these terms Airinmar is able to notify customers of any breach, respective entitlements and provide data for the customer to make the claim. Airinmar can also support its customers during the negotiation or renewal of supplier contracts. 

Flight Hour Over & Above Management

Airinmar’s contract enforcement is also inclusive of flight hour over and above management, a system that allows Airinmar to determine the rechargeable over & above costs associated with flight hour programmes.

Airinmar’s systems enable the rapid identification of costs not associated with general wear and tear, whilst also focussing on other contractual exclusions.  Supporting evidence is obtained from the supplier and set into a formal claim pack for subsequent customer engagement. Airinmar’s approach increases visibility, granularity and credibility of all claims, maximising claim benefits.

Over and Above Charging Due to Misuse 

MROs can suffer cost increases through the poor operation of components by an airline customer under a flight hour agreement.  This can include Customer Induced Damage (CID) and Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Suppliers will in many cases not declare this clearly, so Airinmar uses word recognition techniques to optimise returns on this for the customer.