Airinmar services - Repair Quote Management

Repair Quote Management

Repair Quote Management

Airinmar’s repair quote management service reduces turnaround-time and improves efficiencies by reducing the customer’s administrative process. This is achieved through:

  • The consolidated and standardisation of all quotes allowing for their efficient review, plus PDFs of supplier quotes and any other supporting documentation;
  • The application of customer defined Fastrack criteria, which when met authorises Airinmar to instruct the supplier to proceed with repair, thus avoiding the delay of the customer having to review and approve the quotation; and
  • The application of value-add cost control services, including value engineering, warranty review and contract compliance checks.

Quote Compliance Checks

As part of Airinmar’s repair quote management service, quote compliance checks are carried out. These checks include:

  • The identification of any PN or SN change from the customer’s repair order along with an explanation;
  • A detailed investigation to ensure that the supplier has responded to all SB requests on the repair order and that any proposed supplier SBs have reason for installation;
  • Making sure the supplier has provided justification for any workscope changes from that requested on customer repair order e.g. overhaul versus repair;
  • Enforcement that no PMA or DER is quoted unless prior authorisation from the customer;
  • Supplier quotes latest MLP/NUP to support BER decision making; and
  • Ensuring the supplier has provided a response to any warranty claims and where denied the reason for doing so.

Fastrack Approval

Airinmar’s fastrack approval option facilitates the automatic approval of quotations when they meets predefined criteria set by the customer, this increase productivity and reduces turnaround-time. Typical predefined customer criteria include:

  • Repair cost
  • Repair Cost < X% of MLP/NUP;
  • No proposed SBs;
  • Not warranty denied;
  • Not supplier quoted BER; and
  • No PN or SN change.