Value Engineering

Value Engineering

The review and cost reduction of quotations is an essential part of Value Engineering, Airinmar has the tools and data available to manage this efficiently, reducing customer repair cost.

Our Proprietary Systems

Airinmar’s quotation management system, AirQuote, automatically highlights any inconsistencies with quotes, be it pricing, SB duplication or workscope changes. Any quotation that passes through these triggers is then sent to Airinmar’s internal Value Engineering specialists for review.

Our Expertize

Airinmar has a team of dedicated engineers who review more than 180,000 transactions annually. Airinmar’s engineers are a complementary mix of experienced ex-airline, MRO and OEM specialists and aerospace engineering graduates. To maintain these standards Airinmar has recruitment programs with UK centres of excellence such as Cranfield University.

Our Market Knowledge

Airinmar holds securely several million repair records. In addition, our sourcing knowledge provides us with information of reworks, DERs and PMAs available in the marketplace, along with other information such as previous cost history, material and labour averages, piece part discounts and previous challenges. Airinmar’s engineering team has access to this information when reviewing a quotation; this allows them to challenge a supplier confidently to ensure fair and equitable repair costs.

These three areas, controlled by our stringent quote management process not only ensures that customer’s receive a fair price for a repair but also encourages better first time quoting from the suppliers.