Airinmar services- Warranty Optimisation

Warranty Optimisation

Warranty Optimisation

Airinmar’s warranty optimisation service can support all aspects of aviation warranty and can be utilised individually or as part of a full service package. Airinmar’s warranty service includes:


Airinmar’s warranty system consolidates data from various sources in order to ensure all potential warranty claims are detected. This includes readiness logs, previous repair history, purchase history and contracted warranty extensions. Airinmar optimises warranty detection by having a dedicated system that manages this information and supports the customer in any warranty claims.

Denial Claim Management

Airinmar provides full support in the review and challenge of denied warranty claims. By adopting statistical and technical analysis to validate the supplier’s response, Airinmar is able to optimise warranty claim success by increasing full or partial warranty acceptances on behalf of our customers.

No Fault Found (NFF) Monitoring

Airinmar can provide NFF monitoring and undertake root cause analysis of commercially or operationally high NFF rate part numbers, and assist with the development of corrective actions.

Rogue Unit Management

Airinmar also provides rogue unit management - where instances of rogue units are identified, Airinmar will review the component repair history and initiate appropriate remedial actions with the supplier.

Reliability Engineering Services

Airinmar applies its reliability engineering services based on defined criteria such as removal rates, manufacturer’s list price (MLP) and repair spend. Undertaking detailed investigations identified through trend monitoring, Airinmar works with both the customer and supplier to facilitate a resolution.

Additional warranty services

As well as component repair warranty, Airinmar also supports customers on optimising entitlement in terms of service bulletins, heavy/line maintenance penalties, reliability guarantees, BFE and engine warranty.  In addition, Airinmar also reviews potential logistics credits such as freight cost reclaim and removal and reinstallation entitlements. 

Airinmar’s warranty optimisation service can also be offered on a consultancy basis.