Airinmar  - Systems



AirHub, Airinmar’s online customer asset management platform hosts a suite of industry leading and innovative systems, which have been specifically designed to support the effective management of component repairs and optimise customer’s operational efficiencies and productivity.

Airinmar's suite of online systems work in parallel with the customer’s existing ERP system.

Repair Order Status Management System
  • Sophisticated repair order status workflow management tool.
  • Configurable to meet the customer’s material demands.
  • Automated supplier communication including EDI.
  • Complete status visibility including comment history.

Repair Status Visibility Reporting
  • Provides full repair loop visibility.
  • Individual repair order event milestone tracking.
  • Has advanced search functionality to improve access to information.
  • Allows customers to improve material planning decision making.


Airbus/Boeing GSPT Loan & Exchange Management
  • Unique Shop Processing Time (SPT) management tool.
  • Allows for quick acceptance of OEM remedy offers such as loans and exchanges.
  • Assists customers with retrospective claims against poor performing vendors.
  • Can be backed up with Airinmar’s internal back office support.

   Consolidated Quotation Management
  • Advanced quotation management tool.
  • Consolidation and standardised formats for all supplier quotations.
  • Fastrack approval options for increased efficiency.
  • Electronic archiving and approval audit trail.

Performance Metric Reporting
  • Flexible reporting tool for internal and supplier performance monitoring.
  • Dynamic real-time data that can be viewed in a variety of formats including infographics.
  • Can run reports on turnaround-time, work-in-progress, supplier performance, reliability (NFF/BER/Rogue Unit) and more.
  • Social collaboration feature allowing communication with key Airinmar account staff.

Strategic Sourcing Platform
  • Proprietary platform for the entire strategic sourcing process.
  • Built in algorithm based scenario functionality.
  • Offers customers with real-time supplier feedback.
  • All value add areas are considered in the decision making process.