A key element to effective component repair management is the visibility of performance data. AirStat, Airinmar’s metric dashboards provide customers with both internal and supplier performance reports that allow for increase asset decision making, better supplier relationships and improved internal efficiency. 

AirStat gives customers the flexibility to create individual reports or dashboards utilising dynamic infographics - visual representations of data that makes complex information simple to interpret and understand. 

AirStat provides users with a number of customer defined reports covering detailed TAT performances as well as other performance metrics such as repair spend, warranty, reliability and NFF. By utilising the dashboard management tool, users can create pages to include several reports on a single page providing each user reports that are specific to their work function.

AirStat’s social collaboration tool can be used to connect with colleagues and key Airinmar account staff without leaving the system. Whether analysing data, viewing a dashboard or simply building a new model, users can initiate, conduct and track conversations and share their insight without leaving the AirStat application. 

AirStat features and benefits include:

  • Fully customisable dynamic dashboards and reports;
  • Data visualisation with new real-time infographics for better decision making;
  • Data drill down option;
  • Improved internal communication to enhance repair loop efficiency; and
  • One-click insights capability to quickly identify positive and negative trends.