Airinmar Systems - AirTrack



For complete visibility of the entire repair loop, from the removal of the unit from the aircraft to its return to the warehouse, Airinmar can provide online visibility through AirTrack. AirTrack provides customers with a detailed breakdown of all events* throughout the repair loop, allowing customers to locate a specific unit in repair or identify the next available returning unit.

AirTrack features and benefits include:

  • Repair order drill downs providing repair loop milestones, indicating current location of component in the repair process and elapsed times for each process;
  • Identification of repair order delays;
  • Performance reviews by PN or supplier and assessment of internal processing delays;
  • The ability to track internal process delays to improve efficiency; 
  • Tracking of repairs by PN, repair order number, description, status, supplier or SN;
  • Enhanced decision making; 
  • All component movements are captured in one system including logistics movements; 
  • Facility to upgrade a job’s priority to AOG/EXP, or downgrade it to normal repair; and
  • The option to export the data into the Excel file per the user’s selection.

AirTrack can be customised to also include purchases and internal asset movements for example stock transfers or internal repairs.

*The level of detail and movements shown is dependent upon the availability of internal data feeds from the customer. As a minimum, AirTrack will display all known events within the external repair process if managed by Airinmar.

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