Aircraft Warranty

Maximising the recovery of airline warranty entitlements

Key elements of warranty process management

Aircraft Warranty & Guarantees

• Aircraft Warranties and Guarantees can be worth millions of dollars to an airline in cost avoidance, FOC material, and credits.

• Warranties and Guarantees cover multiple areas of MRO including line and heavy/base maintenance, components, engines, reliability, service bulletins, BFE and consumables, others.

• The objective of our services are to assist airlines in maximising aircraft warranty entitlement recoveries and we offer both Consultancy and Operational In-service Support services.

Consultancy Services

•Our primary Consultancy service covers a detailed assessment of the airline’s effectiveness in the management of warranty and the level of entitlement recoveries being achieved, across all entitlement areas, from both a quantitative and qualitative measurement basis.

Our detailed findings are reported and recommendations provided on the actions required to enhance the airline’s performance and maximise entitlement recoveries.

• Subsequently, we can also assist the airline with a re-design solution of their warranty management function, based on our recommendations, to ensure highly effective and efficient management of warranty and entitlement recoveries. Additionally, we can also assist the airline and project manage the implementation of the re-design solution.

Operational In-Service Support

• Our Operational In-service support provides assistance to the airline with the management and recovery of warranty entitlements, and the service can range from providing bandwidth to the airlines in-house warranty team to a full outsourced solution.

Our Value Proposition

• Knowledge and expertise gained through providing warranty services for over 20 years

• Currently support a customer fleet in excess of 1,200 aircraft with our warranty services

• Dedicated team of warranty professionals

• In-house IT systems development team for add-on support systems and reporting

• Flexible fee structures, including an incentivised savings gainshare mechanism