Strategic Sourcing

Utilising Airinmar’s industry leading AirSource platform, our professional sourcing team delivers sourcing solutions for aircraft component repair through its structured and proven 6 step approach. The key features of Airinmar’s strategic sourcing solution are:

  • Unique Software – AirSource, Airinmar’s proprietary and industry leading strategic sourcing product streamlines communications and acts as a powerful analysis tool
  • Rigid Data Input – all data provided by suppliers within the bid sheet is routinely checked and error reports are sent directly to the supplier so they can make any changes before bids are accepted
  • Customised RFPs – bid sheet content and associated RFP tasks are tailored to each supplier individually
  • Reverse Auction – during the feedback weeks, suppliers get instant feedback with every new upload, this in turn helps to drive competition
  • Award Optimisation – mathematical optimisation tools are used to quantify strategies instantly, this is then supported with a detailed review
  • Fast and Collaborative Approach – Airinmar sourcing projects are completed within 12 – 14 weeks with a heavy emphasis on collaboration with customers when making key decision
  • Integrated Engineering – Airinmar’s Engineering Team review and challenge supplier bids and support customers decision making
  • Contracting Support – Airinmar automatically generates all contracts as part of the process