Repair Cost Oversight

Cost Oversight – Component Flight Hour Over & Above Charges

• Airline component flight hour (PBH) agreements include over and above (“O&A”) charges related to CID/FOD/Misuse/SBs/BERs.  These charges can be subject to erroneous O&A claims and excessive repair costs

• Airinmar has assessed that an airline’s total annual flight hour fees can include between 5% to 15% O&A charges

• We ensure, as far as possible, that the airline only pays for applicable and fair repair charges

• Our engineers assess if charges should be under the flight hour rate, e.g. not CID but normal wear and tear, or confirm O&A classification is correct and then check the quotation cost is fair and equitable

Cost Oversight – Repair Quotations

• Supplier repair costs, including contracted pricing, can be subject to errors and overcharges

• The service is applicable to high value rotables and component repairs – e.g. APU Thrust Reversers, Cowls, Landing Gear, Flight Surfaces, Engine accessories and high component/rotable repair costs (≥$5k)

• Our engineers review quotations to ensure repair quotation costs are fair and equitable versus the component defect, the proposed supplier workscope, and fully meets any contracted repair pricing terms

• We police and enforce contracted T&Cs and pricing, and the validate warranty denied quotations

Our Value Proposition

• Our services are delivered by a highly experienced and dedicated engineering team

• We utilise a range of bespoke tools and techniques to enhance detection of cost discrepancies and opportunities to reduce cost

• Our unique data warehouse provides our engineers with millions of reference benchmark repair records

• Our fees are a gain share percentage of the agreed savings made, typically delivering a ROI 4x-5x